Artificial Intelligence

AI is a buzzword today. However, intelligent systems are far more complex than the conventional understanding.

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Recognizing specific textual patterns or language structures within legal documents, texts, or databases. This technique is commonly used in legal research for Contract Analysis, Similarity and corresponding judgements / orders. Analysis of the orders and judgements of Court and forms

Medical AI Project


The field of medical imaging recognition continues to advance with the integration of artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques. These technologies have the potential to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis and treatment in healthcare, ultimately benefiting patients and

Information Security AI


We develop intelligent systems and provide our services to to detect fraud and threat as well. In information security they play a crucial role in by enhancing the ability to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats more effectively and efficiently.

Supply Chain AI

Business & Finance

The domain of finance is very vast. In one way or another we use some technology or software for carrying out financial work. Risk Management Sector Analysis: Stock Market

Travel Technology AI


As of now we are using machine learning and features of AI on the aggregated data to get the best prices visas vis ratings of hotel, airlinesĀ  as well as predictive analysis of occupancy / footfall, but may extend it

Media Management AI


We are utilizing Artificial Intelligence in both media and social media platforms across various aspects, including content recommendation, moderation, personalization, advertising, and data analysis i.e. Content Recommendation: By analyzing the suitability, flow, trend and algorithmic analysis of social media platforms