Baby Electric Nail Polisher 6-In-1 Multi-function Baby Manicure Grinding Machine Nail Care Baby Nail Clipper Baby Nail Care Kit
Quick-drying cartoon cloak bath towel

Duck Sprinklers Baby yellow duck bath toy children's water playing electric duckling children's boy&girl baby shower.

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SKU: CEC9122-B+CEC9122-C

Waterproof sealing ring

Multi directional water prevention

Waterproof splash of sealing ring structure of battery compartment

Mother and baby play in safe water

Powerful suction cup Firm release

Back PVC large suction cup, strong adsorption

Easily adsorbed on various smooth surfaces

Soft water pipe

360 ° Adjust at will

The angle of sprinkler pipe can be adjusted at will, which is suitable for all kinds of places. Many ways to play!

Select high quality materials

Stick to every detail

Strict selection of high quality ABS material

Smooth edges and corners provide a guarantee for baby's tender skin

Two speed switch

Free regulation control

First gear on, second gear increase water flow, third gear off

Spray water evenly

304 stainless steel water plate design, humanized, professional. 0.5mm water column, soft water flow, will not cause children's skin itching



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